What we do

Production services


State of the art technology comprises two vial production lines, one utilizing conventional clean room concept and the second one a built-in isolator design, both equipped with freeze-drying capacity. The total floor area occupies more than 4,600 square meters and includes both production lines with all necessary utilities, terminal sterilization capacity, secondary packaging, quality control laboratory and warehouses for raw materials and finished products.

Line 1

Line 1 is a production line using conventional clean room concept that allows the production of batches from 10 up to 1,000 litres and is equipped with two freeze driers with shelve area of more than 17 sqm each. The filled volumes can vary between 1 ml and 200 ml.

Line 2

Line 2 uses the isolator concept and allows the production of batches up to 1,000 litres. This line is equipped with one freeze drier, the area of shelves is more than 12 sqm. The filling range of line 2 varies from 0.5 ml to 100 ml. The freeze drier is equipped with a dual cooling system (compressor and liquid nitrogen) and designed for freeze drying of non-aqueous solutions.

Aseptic production and freeze drying

Our leading expertise includes freeze dried products. Both lines are equipped with freeze driers, Line 2 has a special freeze drier able to accommodate organic solvent formulations. Optimal processing times are reached by online monitoring of process parameters providing full control over the process.

Terminal sterilization

Formulations that can sustain terminal sterilization can be sterilized immediately after the production in the 3,000 litres terminal autoclave.

Optical inspection and packaging

We perform secondary packaging of vials according to the needs of individual customers. The process includes semi-automatic optical inspection, labelling and either manual or automatic cartoning.

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