Wednesday, July 19, 2023

New formulation vessel for Line 1

Pavel Hrazdil

Central Formulation Shift Leader

We introduced a new stationary formulation vessel with a volume of 1,500 litres labelled as K1 for the formulation on Line 1. This innovation was necessary because the inner surface of the original 500 litre K1 vessel has been damaged. Given the fact that all the formulation processes will be transferred to the Central Formulation area in the near future, it would not make sense to purchase the same vessel again as it would soon cease to be usable in the Central Formulation area.

The new vessel was designed and optimized so that its placement on Line 1 required only minimal interventions in the cleanrooms, in the media distribution and shells, to automation, to processes, to the operation of the vessels and the formulation of solutions. At the same time, we made sure that this vessel fits into the concept of the Central Formulation area, which will be also introduced this year.

The added value of the new vessel is higher efficiency of campaign production of one of our products. With the formulation of 1,000 litres of solution in vessels K1 and K3, we will be able to fill a total of 11,000 litres of product solution and handle one lyophilized batch per week. With the original 500 litre vessel, we typically produced 4,500 litres of product solution and two lyophilized batches per week only. This will reduce costs and time-consumption of the production process and we will be able to focus on more complex and profitable products.

The vessel with the volume of 1,500 litres was manufactured for us by the IPROS company from Slovenia, with which we have already successfully cooperated during the Retrofit of Line 2. This company will continue to supply us with formulation and transport vessels for the Central Formulation area, therefore we will receive high-quality production technologies in the future as well.

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