our story

How it all started?

Our memories related to the beginnings of oncomed date back to 2009. In February 2009, “our mouths fell open”. New owner of our company (back then PLIVA-Lachema a.s.) was considering closing it. The only possibility to save us, employees, was to sell the company to a new owner.

Tell me how it ended up

Some of us decided to take an active approach. We came up with an idea to buy at least the most valuable thing PLIVA Lachema a. s. had – the manufacturing plant of cytostatic injections. In this spirit, we addressed pharmaceutical companies which had cooperated with PLIVA-Lachema a. s. and which could had been interested in buying it.

To our surprise, we got a response from medac Gesellschaft für klinische Spezialpräparate mbH. medac showed interest and invited us to further negotiations to draw up a business plan and hire key employees to lay foundations of a new company. That was SOMETHING. We started to hope that our dream to build a competitive pharmaceutical company which cares not only about quality but also about profitability, reputation and which sticks to its own opinion can become a reality. So we started meeting, planning, calculating. The management of medac liked our business plan and, as a result, they submitted an offer to purchase the manufacturing plant of cytostatic injections. Despite minor inconveniences, we succeeded! On August 20, 2010, company called oncomed manufacturing a. s. signed a purchase contract and on September 1, 2010, ONCOMED had its first ten employees. Since 2010, we have been constantly growing in production volumes and in the number of both employees and customers, we managed to put both production lines in operation, start producing commercial medicinal products and clinical batches, and build an energy center. And that was just the beginning… 


we joined the Pride Business Forum

Joining the Pride Business Forum embodies our commitment to embrace our fundamental values – human and openness. Within these values, we fully support equality, celebrate diversity and encourage courage. Our ultimate goal is to honor and value each individual person on the basis of their humanity, regardless of our differences such as gender, race, nationality, religion, age, education and many others.


successful FAT of Line 3

In July 2023, a successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of Line 3 took place. The successful completion of this test means that the line is functional and operable, and the supplier can therefore disassemble it, pack it, and send it to us to oncomed. After that, only gradual commissioning awaits!


successful relocation of our QC laboratories

We have successfully moved our labs to new premises!

The new laboratories offer state-of-the-art analytical equipment, covering all the necessary methods while ensuring a comfortable and modern environment for our analysts.


co-founders and members of Life Sciences 4.0

The aim of the Life Sciences 4.0 platform is to connect life sciences companies mutually with each other and with universities. The platform operates under the patronage of the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce and was formalized into an association in 2022. Oncomed is one of the co-founders and members of this association.


successful ANVISA certification

Thanks to a great effort of our team, the audit by ANVISA was successful. Therefore, our products are now certified for the Brasilian market.


successful re-certification to ISO 45001

Our management system has been audited and succesfully re-certified with ISO 45001 which replaced the OHSAS standard.


laying the foundation stone

August was a turning point for us. By knocking on the foundation stone, we confirmed the construction of our new and third line.


we are members of ČAFF

In June, we reached another important milestone that will move us closer to fulfilling our long-term strategy – we became members of ČAFF – Czech Association of Pharmaceutical Companies.

ČAFF has been connecting main producers of generic and biosimal drugs in the Czech Republic since 2000 and is a member of the European association Medicines for Europe.


we are members of the Business Leaders Forum

In the summer of 2019, we became members of the Business Leaders Forum, which is the oldest platform of socially responsible companies in the Czech Republic, founded in 1992 and a part of a international organization, CSR Europe. Thanks to the Business Leaders Forum, we have the opportunity to meet other companies that are not indifferent to corporate social responsibility, as well as representatives of charities and foundations, inspire each other, show different perspectives and find new solutions to strengthen a fair and responsible business environment.


approval of liquid investigational medicinal products

In January 2019, we got approved for production of liquid investigational medicinal products. Our company is thus approved both for lyophilized and liquid investigational and commercially manufactured medicinal products.


OHSAS certification

Based on a successful audit of our OHS management we received the OHSAS 18001 certificate which confirms that our work environment is completely safe for our employees from every perspective.


approval of investigational medicinal products

Another inspection by SUKL, the Czech State Institute for Drug Control, in February 2018 approved the extension of our production scope for investigational medicinal products.


collaboration on research of a new active substance

We started to collaborate on the research of a new active substance for the treatment of cancers.


energy centre

In autumn, we completed the construction process of our new Energy Centre based on co-generation unit. Having obtained a power production licence, we started to produce and distribute process steam, heating water and power required for operation of our production lines.


our team is growing

We managed to put Production Line 2 in operation, including a terminal sterilizer. We successfully went through another audit by SUKL, the Czech State Institute for Drug Control, and we obtained an approval required for manufacturing of pharmaceutical preparations using Production Line 2 as well as a GMP certificate.


manufacture of commercial products

Our first manufacturing line for cytostatic injections was put in operation. We were approved by SUKL, the Czech State Institute for Drug Control, and received both the permission to manufacture medicinal preparations on Line 1 and a GMP certificate.


establishment of the company

oncomed was officially founded in August 2010. The first 10 employees started to work for the new company. We commenced the process of putting production lines in operation as well as construction work in the quality control laboratory, a stability room, and visual inspection and packaging premises.