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what do our employees value the most about their job in oncomed?

We work in an absolutely clean environment with high-tech equipment. The culture in oncomed supports innovation, mutual respect and good relationships in the workplace. The job has its ups and downs and it may get challenging, but at the end of the day, it is always worth it, because together with a well-functioning team, we are fighting one of the most dangerous lifestyle disease.

in everyday life we live our values that make oncomed a unique place to be


A human being is both at the beginning and the end of our activities.

With regard to the specifics of the subject of our business, this value is gaining in importance and can be summarized in the statement “humans for humans”. Our activity begins and ends with a person. It starts with us, the employees, it goes to the people in the form of our customers and ends again with the person who is the end patient and whom we must take into account in our activities.


We are a part of the world, so we both expect and offer a responsible approach.

We do not do things at all costs. When providing our services, we take others into account and behave responsibly in achieving our goals, towards each other, towards our customers, nature and society as a whole. We are ready to bear the consequences of our actions and we want to be a socially responsible employer.


We keep in touch with the latest scientific knowledge and always keep the quality of our products in mind.

For us, the quality of our products and our customers are the alpha and omega of our activities. In order to be able to achieve the required quality, we need to perform all activities professionally, efficiently, consistently and with full commitment.


We focus on openness to individuality, different opinions, and proposed solutions.

We believe that only a learning organization that is not rigid is the one that can succeed. We therefore welcome openness, between us, our customers and the society around us. We are not afraid of new opportunities, innovations and challenges that are offered to us.


We believe that only with trust we are able to be a reliable manufacturer of pharmaceutical preparations, guarantee the quality of our products, and be a socially responsible employer.