Friday, November 10, 2023

The biggest milestone of 2023: Line 3 becomes a reality

Radek Fialka

Chief Business Officer

Recently, we reached one of the most significant milestones of this year when our Line 3 finally became an integral part of our building and cleanrooms. This milestone has been a focal point in the schedules of both Line 3 and central workplaces.

Line 3 is now in its final location, integrated into our cleanrooms. November will bring another challenge, which is the commissioning of the isolator and the joint regulation of cleanrooms and individual isolator modes. After Christmas, we will be prepared for comprehensive testing of individual components.

After Christmas, the OQ of cleanrooms will also be conducted, followed by an SAT of the line. After this phase, we will start getting ready for the moment when we can introduce our Line 3 to the State Institute for Drug Control. The year 2025 will bring a period for optimization, finalizing details, and preparing for commercial operation. We are full of expectations and excitement about what the coming year will bring!

If you want to take a glimpse into our future and see what our new line looks like, do not hesitate to check out the photo gallery. This year is incredibly exciting for us, and we are thrilled to invite you on this journey with us.

27. 9. 2023 | Articles News

Launch of RABS

According to Annex 1, the introduction of the RABS represents a significant step forward in the field of pharmaceutical production. Read more about the implementation in oncomed.
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29. 8. 2023 | Articles News

Successful FAT of Line 3

A FAT is an important step in the manufacturing process, and we are happy to share that we successfully completed it for Line 3.
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19. 7. 2023 | Articles News

New formulation vessel for Line 1

We introduced a new stationary formulation vessel with a volume of 1,500 litres labelled as K1 for the formulation on Line 1.
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