Monday, February 13, 2023

2023 ISPE Aseptic Conference

Zuzana Jorová

Marketing & Sales Manager

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) is a well-known conference in the pharmaceutical industry, attracting a large number of professionals and companies from around the world. The ISPE conference provides a platform for experts to share their knowledge, ideas and experiences in the field of pharmaceutical engineering and technology.

Attending the ISPE conference and participating in the presentation will provide attendees with a great opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry, build relationships, and learn about the latest developments and trends in the field.

oncomed is going to attend the ISPE conference and take part in the discussions and exchange of ideas that take place at the event. Our Chief Business Officer, Radek Fialka, will also be presenting about the company’s new syringe line, he will address conceptual topics and detailed challenges during design and implementation. The presentation will take place on 6th of March from 10:30 – 12:00.

The presentation by the CBO will be a great opportunity for the company to showcase challenges of mock-up, risk assessment or process design. The new syringe line has been designed to meet the latest standards and regulations in the industry. The conference is also an opportunity for us to gain valuable insights into the needs and expectations of its target audience, which will help the company better serve its customers in the future.

Initial structure of the presentation:
• Project set up and Project Management (funding, time line, site decision, why syringes)
• Choice of filling line and isolator
• Learnings from the mock-up study
• Integration into the building (Layout, air management)
• Strategy for filling toxic drugs (cleaning, operator protection)
• Special challenges when filling toxic drugs into syringes (e.g., no outside washing possible!)
• Use of NTT (No-Touch-Transfer) with fully automatic bag opening for inner and outer bag
• Impact assessment of new Annex 1 for EU GMP

We look forward to meet you there, have insightful discussions and learn about new opportunities in the industry!

27. 9. 2023 | Articles News

Launch of RABS

According to Annex 1, the introduction of the RABS represents a significant step forward in the field of pharmaceutical production. Read more about the implementation in oncomed.
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29. 8. 2023 | Articles News

Successful FAT of Line 3

A FAT is an important step in the manufacturing process, and we are happy to share that we successfully completed it for Line 3.
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19. 7. 2023 | Articles News

New formulation vessel for Line 1

We introduced a new stationary formulation vessel with a volume of 1,500 litres labelled as K1 for the formulation on Line 1.
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