Tuesday, September 8, 2020

central workplaces

Marek Janků

Specialist L3

As a part of the work on the project to install a new production line (Line 3), new issues related to capacity, robustness, safety, material flow and many others emerged. When we started thinking about it in context at once, it was no longer just a project to install a new production line, but a project to modernize production in oncomed.

Despite being a single project, a large number of interconnected actions arose. Therefore, we divided the project into two main parts which are:

  • Central formulation and weighing and assistive technologies and induced changes
  • Installation of production Line 3

How we started

First, we have set the basic technical requirements and started the so-called layout development. We took into consideration all actions that will (or possibly could) happen.

The layout development started as a block description of the current situation within the company. Since it is not easy to describe all the connections, and because a picture is over a thousand words, we created the description diagram.


Production building (current state)

And this was just a beginning. Afterwards there were many discussions, thousands of ideas and lots of different alternatives. After many hours and sleepless nights, we finally came to a result that was the first picture of what the new production could look like.

Production building in the near future (colored blocks show changes within the project)

What are the benefits for us?

The completion of central workplaces will bring a number of benefits that will increase both employee and customer satisfaction. The main benefits are:

  • Division of processes
  • Easier and faster operator training
  • Increased safety for both the product and the operators
  • Increasing the capacity of production lines
  • Greater flexibility when changing or introducing new products
  • State-of-the-art production

What’s next

Currently, we are trying to invent all the processes and modifications of the building technically. We work on process diagrams in detail, technical solutions and drawings. At the same time, we are working on all necessary permits to comply with valid legislation. And most importantly, we look forward to the middle of 2021 when we will finally start digging.

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