Thursday, October 27, 2022

Completion of WWT unit testing

Viktor Lebeda

L3 Specialist

During September, we at oncomed completed the testing of a WWT (waste water technology) unit. This unit will be used to decontaminate our waste water from individual workplaces, both from the production building and our new laboratories.

During the implementation, an acceptance test was carried out and it successfully demonstrated the level and the capability of the decontamination of our wastewater and, at the same time, it served as a basis for the acceptance of the work.

As part of the test, a “cocktail” of our APIs was prepared, it was mixed in an underground sump with approx. 10 m3 of water to create a so-called standard and therefore known concentration. Subsequently, the decontamination process of the wastewater was initiated and a sample was taken in set time intervals in front of and behind the technology. The samples taken were analysed in our laboratory and all the results show that the technology works flawlessly and the wastewater does not contain any dangerous substances.

Now we will see how the technology will behave over time, which will be subject to regular monitoring. The estimated lifetime of GAU (carbon) filters, which are the primary elements of the filtration process, is approx. 6 months at a nominal flow rate of 4 m3/hour.

But the process does not end here. Furthermore, we will complete the connection of the chemical sewage gravity sumps in the production building with the new technology; so we can run the entire system automatically.

The implementation of this project was another step in our efforts to reduce our environmental burden and also a contribution to our company vision.

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