Thursday, February 24, 2022

oncomed in Czech Business and Trade magazine

Zuzana Jorová

Marketing & Sales Manager

oncomed got the opportunity to be featured in this publication to speak about current capabilities and future projects.

Czech Business and Trade is an economic magazine that has been providing facts about Czech economy to foreign business partners for more than 90 years. The magazine publishes issues focused on different fields such as Energy Industry, Healthcare and Food Industry.

The latest edition focused on Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry features several hot topics such as the impact of Covid-19 in last year, current pharmaceutical investments or global focus on sustainability and decarbonization.


To open a full version of the issue, click the link below:

Czech Business and Trade – Chemistry

2. 2. 2023 | Articles News

Retrofit L2

The retrofit of L2 meant to replace the product pipeline of Line 2 with a mobile/portable solution for sterile filtration and at the same time to change the concept of sterile filtration (redundancy).
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6. 12. 2022 | Articles News

Relocation of QC Laboratories

We moved our QC labs to the new premises. Check our new video to see the inside.
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27. 10. 2022 | Articles News

Completion of WWT unit testing

During September, we at oncomed completed the testing of a WWT (waste water technology) unit. This unit will be used to decontaminate our waste water from individual workplaces
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