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CPHI 2022 Frankfurt

Zuzana Jorová

Marketingový a obchodní manažer

Tento článek se zaměřuje na jednu z největších farmaceutických konferencí tohoto roku – CPHI 2022 ve Frankfurtu. Vzhledem k mezinárodnímu zaměření je článek pouze v anglické verzi.

V případě, že byste si chtěli domluvit schůzku, kontaktujte nás prostřednictvím našeho kontaktního formuláře https://www.oncomed.cz/en/contact/. Těšíme se na osobní setkání ve Frankfurtu!

About CPHI

CPHI is a well-established leader within the pharma events area, uniting thousands of industry professionals across the world each year. This year, the venue is in Frankfurt, one of the biggest trade fair sites in Europe.

Each year, CPHI unites more than 100,000 pharmaceutical professionals through exhibitions, conferences and online communities to network, identify business opportunities and expand the global market.

CPHI co-locates with ICSE for contract services, PMEC for machinery, equipment and technology, InnoPack for pharmaceutical packaging, bioLIVE or BioProduction for biopharma and FDF for every aspect of the finished dosage supply chain.

CPHI Frankfurt | Where Business Meets Science

Why is oncomed attending and why you should too?

Oncomed has been actively participating in the CPHI events already for 5 years. Of course, one of the obvious reasons for attending the conference is to present our company and our services. However, this year in Frankfurt, the participation brings many other benefits.

During the trade fair, we have the opportunity to meet new potential customers, but also to strengthen the relationships with our existing clients. In addition, the international focus of the conference makes it easier for us to approach new markets and products. We are so happy that we already managed to schedule a meeting with many of you, but there are still timeslots open for amazing businesses we may still don’t know and for new business opportunities.

One of our favorite facts about organizing and attending this conference is that it offers you a great insight into the latest trends and technologies. Knowing them, especially in the pharmaceutical field, is crucial for staying on top of the game.

Finally, it shouldn’t be overlooked that attending a conference is fun as well. Although a conference is undoubtedly a work event, it can still be enjoyable. During CPHI, we are ready to offer you an amazing coffee and small snacks to improve your day. And we hope that you will experience a lot of fun when travelling to a new place, eating local food and seeing a bit of the city life.

Where can you find us?

This year, you will find us in hall 9, zone ICSE. Our booth number is 91B30. For the third year already, oncomed will be sharing a stand together with medac, its mother company. Together with medac, there will be also our sister company, Oncotec.

medac is a global company with a growing pharmaceutical and diagnostics business. Established in 1970 in Northern Germany, medac specializes in the treatment of haemato-oncological, urological and autoimmune diseases.

Oncotec is well-known for manufacturing and developing aseptically produced cytostatic drugs.

And oncomed? We are a CDMO specialized in aseptic processing of oncology injectables in clinical and commercial scales. We have two vial lines and currently we are building a line for syringes and cartridges. We offer production of small molecule APIs (end-to-end solution) and more innovative large molecule drugs (Fill & Finish service), like ADCs, HPAPI proteins & mAb and oligonucleotides. For more information, check our services and technology sections on our website.

Who to reach when discussing a certain topic?

Aleš Šima

Our Head of Business Development drives all the business development strategies of oncomed, improves the current portfolio and explores new business opportunities. He is ready to discuss new projects and opportunities with new and existing partners, suppliers and vendors.

Radek Fialka

Our Chief Business Officer plays a key role in developing and executing the overall strategy of the company. If you are looking for new strategic partnership, do not hesitate to contact him.

Zuzana Jorová

Our Marketing and Sales Manager is in charge of all marketing activities of the company. Do you want to discuss different business fields such as marketing tools or consultant services? Then this is your person.

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